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Happy Easter - Tea Floral Arrangement

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Happy Easter Everyone!

This month, I created a tea arrangement for the Carroll County Master Gardeners and was playing with some new foliage. Details of the flowers and branches are below.

Vase was made by Ron Mynatt of Springdale, Arkansas.

Representing this month of Easter, the vase is a white calla lily for resurrection and rebirth.

Flowers used and their significance:

Alstroemeria – brings fortune, longevity, and wealth.

Also, to note, these flowers have no fragrance.

Dianthus Caryophyllus/Carnation - happiness and warmth.

Anigozanthos/Kangaroo’s Paw – uniqueness and individuality.

Salix Matsudana/Corkscrew Willow Branch – balance, harmony, and growth.

Fun fact of Japanese tea floral arranging, the flowers used in the tearoom have little to no scent, as to not compete with the incense used.

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