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I found my love and passion of Japanese culture and history while attending Florida International University in Miami, Florida. As a student, I was introduced to my mentor and teacher, who was teaching Zen and the Art of Tea as an elective. After that course, everything was literally history; I fervently pursued a degree in Asian studies and in 2016, graduated with a master’s degree with top honors.


The next phase of my path after graduation was to follow in my mentor’s footsteps and go to Japan. I applied for the prestigious Midorikai scholarship from Urasenke Professional College of Chado in Kyoto, Japan, which allows international students the opportunity to study in Japan and learn the intricate ways of the tea world. For myself, it offered a chance to fully immerse myself into the study of Chado for an entire year with no outside influences, just me and tea. That is where my love for tea flourished. This was a great honor in completing the Midorikai scholarship, one which I could not have done without the generosity and tutelage of the Urasenke family and my mentor.


While this journey through tea is meant to explain my story, I am confident that learning Chado will aid you in your own “Way of Tea” to bring you harmony, respect, purity and tranquility in your everyday life.


Urasenke Professional College of Chado              July 2017    
Midorikai Certificate Course                                   Kyoto, Japan


Florida International University                             Spring 2016
Master of Arts in Asian Studies                               Miami, FL
Florida International University                             Summer 2013
Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies                            Miami, FL

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