The timeframe below has been significantly shortened, compared to a formal Japanese Tea gathering or Chaji. 

A full Chaji can be up to 4 hours or more with a Kaiseki (meal) and sake served. 

This Hango chaji timeline shown below would be about 2 hours. 

However, this can be shortened even further by request for Usucha (thin tea) only. 

Please inquire with the host in regard to the gathering you envision with friends and family.  

What is a tea gathering?

Guest Arrival

  • Leave belongings in storage area

  • Proceed to the waiting area

  • Wait for host to bring in Oyu (hot water)

  • Proceed to the Tsukubai (Purification area)

  • Proceed into the Tea Room

  • The guests come in order based upon the hosts invitation 

(Thick Tea)

  • A sweet (Omogashi) is served, based upon season/occasion

  • Then the tea procedure begins

  • Please enjoy the sweet, prior to being handed the bowl of tea

  • The bowl will be SHARED amongst all guests


  • The host will announce when to visit the garden

  • Please wait at the waiting bench in the same order while in the tea room

  • Host is now changing the utensils for the next session.

  • Enjoy the wait in nature

  • The host will call you back in with a gong, commencing 7 times.  

Thin Tea

  • A sweet (Wagashi) is served based upon season/occasion

  • Then the thin tea procedure begins

  • There will be individual bowls of tea for each guest.  

  • Once complete, the guests will proceed to the storage area to retrieve belongings.